Senator Bob Deuell
Texas Senate, District 2
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DATE: January 22, 2003
CONTACT: Don T. Forse, Jr.
(512) 463-0102

Deuell Looks Forward to Working on Rural Issues
*Rural Caucus Meets in the Texas Capitol*

AUSTIN -- On Wednesday, January 22, the Rural Caucus of the Texas Legislature held its first meeting of the 78th Legislative Session. The Caucus, which includes 73 members of the House and Senate as well as Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs, met to discuss the mission of the Rural Caucus during this legislative session.

State Senator Robert F. Deuell (R-Greenville), who is a member of the caucus, said he looks forward to working with the caucus to address the needs of rural Texas. "I feel that the Rural Caucus will play an important role in this legislative session," Deuell said. "Issues such as transportation, accessibility of quality medical care, and public school finance are important to the rural areas I represent. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Caucus to address these issues."

The Caucus exists as an informational source for members of the Texas Legislature. Throughout this legislative session, weekly meetings will be held to provide members with valuable insight into issues that impact the rural areas of Texas. Members of the Rural Caucus of the Texas Legislature also discussed the possibility of building coalitions in support of measures that will affect rural areas. The Caucus strives to be a cohesive group that formulates policy to benefit all Texans, whether they reside in urban, suburban or rural areas. Senator Deuell said the caucus will be a valuable resource to members this session. "As this busy and challenging legislative session progresses, the Rural Caucus will be an important source of new knowledge and information for its members," Deuell said.