Senator Robert "Bob" Deuell, M.D.
The Texas State Senate
District 2

For Immediate Release
January 24, 2003


Senate Committee Assignments

(AUSTIN) - Recently, the 31 members of the Texas Senate received their committee assignments for the 78th Legislative Session. The Lt. Governor is responsible for assigning members to the various committees, and bills that are filed must pass out of these committees before they can be taken up for action by the full Senate.

This session, there will be 15 standing committees and three sub-committees. I was appointed Vice-Chair of the Nominations Committee, and will also serve on the Infrastructure Development and Security Committee, the Health and Human Services Committee, and the Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

The Nominations Committee reviews the Governor's appointments to the various boards and commissions in Texas. The appointments process for boards and commissions, by virtue of the procedure prescribed in the Texas Constitution, requires the nomination of a person by the Governor be confirmed by the Texas Senate. The Senate considers the confirmation of an appointment when they are in session, which is every odd-numbered year, or when the Governor calls a special session. (from

The Infrastructure Development Committee will deal with transportation and homeland security issues. The Health and Human Services Committee will deal with public health and state entitlement programs such as Medicaid and TANF. Intergovernmental Relations will deal primarily with issues affecting local governments, such as courts and special districts.

The full committee roster for my fellow Senators is as follows:

Administration Committee
Chair: Senator Chris Harris, Vice Chair: Senator Juan Hinojosa
Members: Senators Mike Jackson, Kyle Janek, Leticia Van de Putte, Jeff Wentworth, John Whitmire

Business and Commerce Committee
Chair: Senator Troy Fraser, Vice Chair: Senator Kip Averitt
Members: Senators Kenneth Armbrister, Kim Brimer, Craig Estes, Mike Jackson, Eddie Lucio, Leticia Van de Putte and Tommy Williams

Criminal Justice Committee
Chair: Senator John Whitmire, Vice Chair: Senator Tommy Williams
Members: Senators John Carona, Rodney Ellis, Juan Hinojosa, Steve Ogden and Bill Ratliff

Education Committee
Chair: Senator Florence Shapiro, Vice Chair: Senator Royce West
Members: Senators Kip Averitt, Kyle Janek, Steve Ogden, Todd Staples, Leticia Van de Putte, Tommy Williams and Judith Zaffirini

Finance Committee
Chair: Senator Teel Bivins, Vice Chair: Senator Judith Zaffirini
Members: Senators Kip Averitt, Gonzalo Barrientos, Kim Brimer, Robert Duncan, Kyle Janek, Jane Nelson, Steve Ogden, Florence Shapiro, Eliot Shapleigh, Todd Staples, Royce West, John Whitmire and Tommy Williams

Government Organization Committee
Chair: Senator Rodney Ellis, Vice Chair: Senator Jeff Wentworth
Members: Senators Kenneth Armbrister, Teel Bivins, Kim Brimer, Bill Ratliff and John Whitmire

Health and Human Services Committee
Chair: Senator Jane Nelson , Vice Chair: Kyle Janek
Members: Senators John Carona, Mario Gallegos, Jon Lindsay, Bill Ratliff, Royce West, and Judith Zaffirini

Infrastructure Development and Security Committee
Chair: Senator Steve Ogden, Vice Chair: Senator Gonzalo Barrientos
Members: Senators Bob Deuell, Rodney Ellis, Jon Lindsay; Frank Madla, Florence Shapiro, Eliot Shapleigh, and Jeff Wentworth

Intergovernmental Relations Committee
Chair: Senator Frank Madla, Vice Chair: Senator Kim Brimer
Members: Senators Mario Gallegos and Jeff Wentworth

International Relations and Trade Committee
Chair: Senator Eddie Lucio, Vice Chair: Senator Eliot Shapleigh
Members: Senators Teel Bivins, John Carona, Craig Estes, Jane Nelson and Judith Zaffirini

Jurisprudence Committee
Chair: Senator Robert Duncan, Vice Chair: Senator Mario Gallegos
Members: Senators Kip Averitt, Teel Bivins, Chris Harris, Eddie Lucio and Royce West

Natural Resources Committee
Chair: Senator Kenneth Armbrister, Vice Chair: Mike Jackson
Members: Senators Gonzalo Barrientos, Robert Duncan, Craig Estes, Troy Fraser, Juan Hinojosa, Eddie Lucio, Jon Lindsay, Florence Shapiro and Todd Staples

Nominations Committee
Chair: Senator Jon Lindsay
Members: Senators Gonzalo Barrientos, John Carona, Chris Harris, Juan Hinojosa and Mike Jackson

State Affairs Committee
Chair: Senator Bill Ratliff, Vice Chair: Senator Todd Staples
Members: Senators Kenneth Armbrister, Robert Duncan, Rodney Ellis, Troy Fraser, Chris Harris, Frank Madla and Jane Nelson

Veterans Affairs and Military Installations Committee
Chair: Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Vice Chair: Senator Craig Estes
Members: Senators Troy Fraser, Frank Madla and Eliot Shapleigh

Please contact my office to discuss this, or any other issue. To contact Sen. Deuell about the legislative process, contact the Capitol Office at (512) 463-0556 or mail to Sen. Bob Deuell, Texas Senate, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711. The website for the Texas Senate is The e-mail address for Sen. Deuell is: