Press Release
From the Office of State Senator Glenn Hegar, District 18

For Immediate Release
May 27, 2011
Contact: Lisa Craven
(512) 463-0118

Hegar Issues Statement on Obama Administration Threats against passage of HB 1937

Austin, Texas — Today, State Senator Glenn Hegar (R, Katy) issued the following statement concerning the threats made by the Obama Administration's Justice Department to shut down or hamper air traffic in Texas should the state's legislature pass House Bill 1937 which would prohibit inappropriate and abusive pat down searches of air travelers by agents and officers of the United States Transportation Safety Administration:

"My position on this issue is and has always been clear. We should pass the bill, start to reclaim our state's sovereignty, and call the Obama Administration's bluff.

'The State of Texas has every right to protect its citizens against overly invasive searches and seizures and we should not be cower to baseless threats made by a federal official at the eleventh hour. For a federal official to threaten to disrupt air traffic in our state is unconscionable and I call on President Obama and Attorney General Holder to renounce these threats and to investigate this matter.

'I have supported this measure since it was first filed and I am disappointed that HB 1937 did not receive an opportunity to be debated and voted on, on the Senate floor by me and my colleagues.'

'HB 1937 provided Texas lawmakers with the perfect opportunity to start to reclaim our Tenth Amendment rights and I encourage Governor Perry to strongly consider adding this issue to the call, should we find it necessary to have a Special Session of the Texas Legislature later this year."