Press Release From the Office of State Senator Wendy Davis

January 7, 2014
Contact: Sonya Grogg
Chief of Staff
State Sen. Wendy Davis – District 10

Sen. Wendy Davis Formally Asks Gov. Perry to Remove William White as Chairman

AUSTIN — State Senator Wendy Davis today sent a letter to Governor Perry asking him to remove William White as Chairman of the Finance Commission of Texas following his out of touch remarks in the El Paso Times on December 29.

In her letter addressed to Governor Perry, Senator Davis asks for the resignation of Chairman White after he revealed a blatant conflict of interest by prioritizing his business interests with Cash America International over Texas consumers.

"Speaking in his official capacity in a recent interview with the El Paso Times, Mr. White chose to prioritize his business interests with Cash America International over Texas consumers," State Senator Davis said in the letter. "It is abundantly clear that not only is Mr. White faced with a conflict of interest, tasked to protect the very people his company exploits through predatory lending, but that he chooses to side with his employer, blatantly disregarding his appointed duties as chairman."

This isn't the first time Senator Davis has questioned White's appointment in Austin. Before a confirmation vote in 2011, Davis said White's appointment was "the classic fox in the henhouse."

For Senator Davis, the Texas consumer has been priority during her time in Austin. Since 2009, Senator Davis has advocated for payday lending reform in the Texas Senate and filed multiple bills targeted at reform. Additionally, Senator Davis has filed legislation that would close the credit service organization loophole, limit the interest rate charged to U.S. military members and their dependents, explicitly allow municipalities to enact and enforce local ordinances against predatory lenders, and cap the effective interest payday lenders can charge.

Senator Davis' work has received praise outside of Austin. Both the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission and the Texas Catholic Conference have applauded Senator Davis for her work to reduce payday lending. In 2012, the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission presented Senator Wendy Davis with the Horizon Award to recognize her work to curb predatory lending practices in Texas.

To see Senator Wendy Davis' letter in full, please click here.