News Release From the Office of State Senator Wendy Davis

May 18, 2009
Contact: Bernie Scheffler, (512) 463-0110

Davis Requests Expedited Committee Hearing on Consumer-Friendly Electricity Legislation
Fate of S.B. 2588 Now Rests in Hands of Committee Chairman Troy Fraser

AUSTIN — Senator Wendy Davis today requested an expedited hearing from the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce on consumer protective legislation she sought permission to introduce late Friday. Senate members approved the introduction of Senate Bill 2588 without objection, breathing new life into a piece of legislation that died in the House on a procedural technicality.

SB 2588 is a slightly modified version of HB 3245 by Representative Burt Solomons, Chair of the House Committee on State Affairs. The bill was expected to be sponsored in the Senate by Business and Commerce Chairman Troy Fraser before it went down on a point of order.

Senator Davis worked with Representative Solomons to change the bill slightly to reflect some of the compromises sought in the House. To further ease Senate passage of the legislation, Senator Davis also vowed to resist any amendments in the Senate that would make the bill less likely to pass.

"I commend Chairman Solomons for the extensive work he has put into this important piece of consumer protective legislation, and I appreciate the opportunity to give the bill a fighting chance in the last days of the legislative session," Senator Davis said. "I think we have all heard concerns from our constituencies about their electricity rates and services, and I am hopeful that Chairman Fraser will move quickly to give this bill the public hearing that it deserves."

ATTACHMENT: Letter to Sen. Troy Fraser

ATTACHMENT: Letter to Senate Committee on Business & Commerce