Joint Select Committee on Public School Finance

Committee Information
Clerk: Amy Schwartz 463-0355
Co-Chairs Senate Members: House Members:
  Public Members:
 The Hon. Kent Caperton
 The Hon. Will Davis
 Mr. Craig Foster

 The Hon. Lyndon Olson
 The Hon. Mark Stiles
 Mr. David Thompson
Schedule and Bills Referred to Committee Schedule and Bills Referred to Committee

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Icon: Press Release September 5, 2001
Legislative Leadership Appoints Select Committee to Study Public School Finance in Texas


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Interim Charges

The Committee shall:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of the public school finance system in Texas, including,
    • the system's structure, being sure to address issues of facilities, transportation and similar issues;
    • the method of funding for public schools in the state; and
    • factors that determine how to pay for education (e.g., personnel costs vs. student attendance, course completion, classroom vs. distance learning)
  2. Consider of all equity issues affecting school districts and the school finance system
  3. Examine fully the revenue resources for funding public schools, including a review of the state's tax system as it relates to public school finance.


The final report of the committee should be approved by a majority of the members of the committee and include any recommended statutory or regulatory changes. The committee is encouraged to complete its work as soon as possible, but a final report should be submitted to the Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House of Representatives no later than November 15, 2002.

Icon: ReportsPublic School Finance Report (PDF - 250k)
Icon: ReportsPublic School Finance Report Appendix A (PDF - 112k)
Icon: ReportsPublic School Finance Report Appendix B (PDF - 1.5mb)
Icon: ReportsPublic School Finance Report Appendix C (PDF - 24k)

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Budget and Staff

The committee should use the existing staff of the Senate Committee on Education and the House Committee on Public Education. Where appropriate, the committee should request the assistance of legislative agencies as well as the Texas Education Agency, Comptroller of Public Accounts and any other executive agencies with responsibilities related to the Committee's charge.

Travel and related expenses for public members of the committee will be paid from funds appropriated to the Texas Legislative Council. Travel costs of legislative members shall be paid from the operating budgets of those members, with all other costs borne by the standing committees of the Senate and House of Representatives. If extraordinary expenses are anticipated, the co-chairs shall prepare a budget and present a request for funding to the chair and vice chair of the legislative council.


The committee should follow the provisions of HCR 192, 77th Legislature, relating to procedural matters, including the public posting of meetings.