Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education Excellence Funding
(pursuant to HB 1839, 77th Legislature)

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Icon: Press Release September 7, 2001
Legislative Leaders Appoint Joint Committees to Study Special Funding Issues


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Interim Charges

The committee shall implement the provisions of Section 5, HB 1839, 77th Legislature, and make recommendations regarding the structure and requirements for use of higher education excellence funding in Texas. The committee shall also review current higher education funding formulas and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's procedures and recommendations regarding current formulas. The committee's report shall recommend ways to enhance the use of formula funding, including recommendations for implementation of a single excellence fund.


The committee shall file a report of the committee's activities, findings, and recommendations with the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the speaker of the house of representatives not later than December 1, 2002. The report shall include any recommendations for legislative or administrative action the committee considers appropriate.

Icon: ReportsHigher Education Excellence Funding Report (PDF - 500k)
Icon: ReportsHigher Education Excellence Funding Report Appendix (PDF - 3mb)

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Budget and Staff

The committee shall use existing House and Senate staff, with assistance from the Senate Committee on Finance and the House Committee on Appropriations. The Legislative Budget Board shall provide staffing and other assistance to the committee upon request. Where appropriate, the committee should request the assistance of legislative agencies. The committee may request information from the comptroller, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, or any public institution of higher education in this state. The comptroller, coordinating board, and each public institution of higher education shall provide the requested information to the extent practicable.

Travel costs shall be paid from the operating budgets of House and Senate members, with all other costs borne by standing committees of the House and Senate. If extraordinary expenses are anticipated, the co-chairs shall prepare a budget and present a request for funding to the chair and vice chair of the legislative council.


Pursuant to HB 1839, the committee is abolished January 1, 2003.