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Use the following link to access meeting information about redistricting

Schedule, Minutes, Witness List and Bills Referred to CommitteeSchedule, Minutes, Witness List and Bills Referred to Committee

For more information and maps, go to the Texas Legislative Council Redistricting website


Press Room / Transcripts

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 9, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (Waco)

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 8, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (Dallas)

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 7, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (Corpus Christi)

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 2, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (Houston)

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 1, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (McAllen)

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 30, 2003 *
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (San Angelo)

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 28, 2003
Transcripts: Congressional Redistricting (Laredo)
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Icon: Press ReleaseJune 24, 2003
- Sen. Robert Duncan announces redistricting hearings

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78th Session hearings


Interim Charges

The Senate Jurisprudence Committee is charged with conducting a thorough and detailed study of the following issues, including state and federal requirements, and preparing recommendations to address problems or issues that are identified.

  1. Study the jurisdiction of all local and state courts, including civil and criminal justice courts. Make recommendations for changes to any court's jurisdiction to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the judicial system. Review and make recommendations relating to concurrent jurisdiction of county courts at law and district courts over eminent domain proceedings.
  2. Study judicial salaries, supplements, retirement, and benefit issues for sitting, visiting and retired judges.
  3. Study arbitration statutes, and the role of the American Arbitration Association. Specifically, the Committee shall make recommendations to improve and ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of arbitrators and arbitrations.
  4. Study insanity defense laws, specifically evaluating the impact of changing the defense of "not guilty by reason of insanity" to "guilty, but insane."


The Committee shall submit copies of its final report no later than December 1, 2004. The printing of reports should be coordinated through the Secretary of the Senate. Copies of the final report should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor (5 copies), Secretary of the Senate, Senate Research, Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Council, and Legislative Reference Library.

The final report should include recommended statutory or agency rulemaking changes, if applicable. Such recommendations must be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Committee. Recommendations should also include state and local fiscal cost estimates, where feasible. The Legislative Budget Board is available to assist in this regard.

The following reports are available for download*:

* You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reports, click here to download a free copy.

Budget and Staff

Travel costs shall be paid from the operating budgets of Senate members. All other costs shall be borne by the Senate Jurisprudence Committee's interim budget, as approved by the Senate Administration Committee. Due to overall budget constraints, it is recommended each interim committee budget include only critical expenditures and, where possible, reductions from previous spending levels.

The Committee should also seek the assistance of legislative and executive branch agencies where appropriate.

Interim Appointments

Pursuant to Section 301.041, Government Code, it may be necessary to change the membership of a committee if a member is not returning to the Legislature in 2005. This will ensure that the work of interim committees is carried forward into the 79th Legislative Session.

Committee Archives

77th Legislature's Senate Jurisprudence Committee.

76th Legislature's Senate Jurisprudence Committee.