Senate Committee on Finance

Committee Information
Chair Vice-Chair Members:
Clerk: Stephanie Hoover
Tel: (512) 463-0370
Capitol Extension E1.038

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84th Session Interim

84th Regular Session



The following reports are available for download:


Interim Charge Presentations

Franchise Tax

  1. Comptroller Franchise Tax Presentation
  2. Comptroller Franchise Tax Flow Chart
  3. LBB Franchise Tax Presentation
  4. TTARA Franchise Tax Presentation
  5. TPPF Franchise Tax Presentation
  6. TPPF Franchise Tax Presentation Brief
  7. CPPP Franchise Tax Presentation
  8. NFIB Franchise Tax Presentation
  9. NFIB Survey

Spending Limit

  1. LBB Spending Limit Presentation
  2. Comptroller Spending Limit Presentation
  3. Perryman Group Spending Limit Presentation
  4. TTARA Spending Limit Presentation
  5. TPPF Spending Limit Presentation
  6. CPPP Spending Limit Presentation

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. LBB Budgeting Format/Incentivize Tax Savings Presentation
  2. LBB Other States' Budgeting Format Presentation
  3. TCCRI Budgeting Format Presentation
  4. TCCRI Budgeting Format Presentation Supplemental Document
  5. LBB State Debt Presentation
  6. LBB State Debt Chart
  7. Texas Comptroller TX Guaranteed Tuition Presentation
  8. ERS Pension Funding Presentation
  9. TRS Pension Funding Presentation

Behavioral Health

  1. LBB Behavioral Health Presentation
  2. LBB Supplemental Behavioral Health Presentation
  3. HHSC Behavioral Health Presentation
  4. TDCJ Behavioral Health Presentation
  5. TJJD Behavioral Health Presentation
  6. TVC Behavioral Health Presentation
  7. Meadows Institute Behavioral Health Presentation
  8. Texas Council of Community Centers Behavioral Health Presentation
  9. Hogg Foundation Behavior Health Presentation

Sales Tax Holiday

  1. Comptroller Sales Tax Holiday Presentation
  2. LBB Sales Tax Holiday Presentation
  3. TRA Sales Tax Holiday Presentation
  4. CPPP Sales Tax Holiday Presentation

Monitoring Charge

  1. Property Tax - Comptroller Monitoring Charge Presentation
  2. Franchise Tax - Comptroller Monitoring Charge Presentation
  3. Graduate Medical Education - Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Monitoring Charge Presentation
  4. Department of Information Resources - DIR Monitoring Charge Presentation
  5. Contracting - Comptroller Monitoring Charge Presentation; DIR Monitoring Charge Presentation; LBB Monitoring Charge Presentation
  6. Health and Human Services Rider 50 - HHSC Monitoring Charge Presentation


Interim Charges


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