Senate Committee on Education

Committee Handouts

October 14, 2008
Convened upon adjournment of the preceding joint hearing with the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Property Appraisal and Revenue Caps

Interim Charge: Review and make recommendations to improve the state's Adult Basic Education program. Emphasis should be placed on ways to advance literacy in Texas in order to promote economic and individual development. The review should also include a study of the coordination of adult education services among state agencies and the availability and accessibility of state and federal funding.

Panel 1 - The current Adult Basic Education Landscape

    • Dr. Raymund Paredes, Commissioner, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    • Dr. Ray Glynn, Deputy Commissioner for School District Leadership and Educator Quality, Texas Education Agency
    • Suzii Paynter, Director of Public Policy and Citizenship, Christian Life Commission
    • Sheila DeLeon, Higher Education Performance Review Manager, Legislative Budget Board
    • Dr. Millicent Valek, President, Brazosport College

Panel 2 - Adult Basic Education Possible Solutions

Public Testimony