Senate Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development

Committee Information
Chair Members:
Director: Richard Spence
Tel: (512) 463-1171
Sam Houston Building
Rooom 340
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Interim Charges

  1. Review how other leading states and countries have structured their economic development programs to match the needs of businesses in an economy in which information, ideas and technology are the driving forces. Identify programs from which Texas could benefit.
  2. Study how Texas can better translate its wealth of intellectual property and potential into commercialization. Review fostering better links between basic research and discovery resources of academic institutions and commercialization of existing industries, better connections between complementary discoveries and technologies, and increased funding for such activities.
  3. Review Texas' economic development tools including the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Texas Emerging Technologies Fund and make recommendations for improvements including better tracking of fund uses and benefits.


The Subcommittee shall submit copies of its final report no later than December 1, 2006. The printing of reports should be coordinated through the Secretary of the Senate. Copies of the final report should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor (5 copies), Secretary of the Senate, Senate Research, Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Council, and Legislative Reference Library.

The final report should include recommended statutory or agency rulemaking changes, if applicable. Such recommendations must be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Subcommittee. Recommendations should also include state and local fiscal cost estimates, where feasible. The Legislative Budget Board is available to assist in this regard.

The following reports are available for download:

Budget and Staff

Travel costs shall be paid from the operating budgets of Senate members. All other costs shall be borne be the Senate Business & Commerce Committee’s interim budget, as approved by the Senate Administration Committee.

The Subcommittee should also seek the assistance of legislative and executive branch agencies where appropriate.

Interim Appointments

Pursuant to Section 301.041, Government Code, it may be necessary to change the membership of a committee if a member is not returning to the Legislature in 2007. This will ensure that the work of interim committees is carried forward into the 80th Legislative Session.