Senate Business and Commerce Subcommittee on Border Affairs

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Clerk: Laura Garcia, (512) 463-0385
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Interim Charges

The Subcommittee shall identify unique challenges facing the Texas-Mexico Border region and determine strategic economic development initiatives to assist the region in overcoming the identified challenges. The Subcommittee shall recommend initiatives to improve trade and tourism that create a sound foundation for economic development and determine the amount of funding necessary to implement the initiatives. The Subcommittee shall determine whether such investments will leverage other significant funds or if funding is unlikely from other sources. The Subcommittee may also make recommendations to facilitate commerce and lessen congestion at ports-of-entry at the Texas-Mexico border.


The Subcommittee shall submit copies of its final report as soon as possible, but no later than November 15, 2002. This date will allow the findings of the Subcommittee to be considered when the Legislative Budget Board is developing performance and budget recommendations to the 78th Legislature. Copies of the final report should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the Senate, Legislative Council, and Legislative Reference Library.

The final report of the Subcommittee shall be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Subcommittee and the Business and Commerce Committee. Draft legislation containing recommended statutory changes should be attached to the report. Recommended agency rule changes should also be attached to the report.

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Budget and Staff

The Subcommittee shall use its existing staff and utilize the budget approved by the Senate Committee on Administration. Where appropriate, the Subcommittee should obtain assistance from the Senate Research Center and legislative agencies, including the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Council, and the State Auditor. The Subcommittee should also seek the assistance of appropriate Executive Branch agencies with responsibilities in the areas related to the Subcommittee's interim charges.

Interim Appointments

Pursuant to Section 301.041, Government Code, it may be necessary to change the membership of a committee if a member is not returning to the Legislature in 2003. This will ensure that the work of interim committees is carried forward into the 78th Legislative Session.

Committee Archives

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