Senate Interim Committee on Electric Utility Restructuring

Proposed Schedule of Hearings

Organizational Meeting
September 26, 1997 in Austin
9:30 am; Senate Chamber

Discussion of interim charges and proposed meeting schedule General overview of the electric industry

Market Structure and Performance
December 12, 1997 in Amarillo
10:00 am; Amarillo Botanical Gardens Auditorium

4. The basic structural requirements for the competitive market to serve as an effective and efficient replacement for traditional regulation

10. Scope and nature of the continuing role of regulation in a deregulated electric power industry including oversight of market power

System Benefits
February 4, 1998 in Austin
Senate Chamber

6. Safeguards necessary for customer protection in a fully competitive marketplace (including designation of a provider of last resort, protections for low-income customers, obligations to be imposed on all providers, ability of providers to serve customers on an aggregated basis, and fair marketing and sales practices)

8. Environmental issues relating to a competitive market

9. Development of renewable energy resources such as wind power in a competitive marketplace

Reliability, Public Power and Cooperatives
March 25, 1998 in Grapevine
Grapevine Convention Center

5. Provisions for municipal and cooperative utilities recognizing the importance of maintaining local control of community owned systems and protecting the financial integrity of cooperative and municipal utilities

Stranded Investment Treatment
May 28, 1998 in Victoria
Victoria College, Johnson Symposium Center

2. Methods for quantification of a utility's investments that would be uneconomic in a fully competitive market (stranded costs) and appropriate methods for recovery of costs (including rate freezes, adjustments to depreciation, transition charges, securitization)

3. Balancing rate reductions with recovery of stranded costs during the transition to a competitive market

Reliability and Retail Access
September 29, 1998
College Station, Presidential Conference Center at A&M University in College Station.

7. System reliability and service quality standards needed to ensure safe and reliable power and the role of the independent system operator in a fully competitive market

1. An appropriate date for opening the market to direct end-use customer access, and whether a phase-in program for public schools or other governmental units is warranted

Work Sessions
September in Austin

Work sessions as necesary to finalize report.