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October 25, 2007
Contact: Janet Stieben, 281-364-9426

Annexation Protection Agreement Approved Between
The Woodlands and City of Houston

The Woodlands, TX -- State Senator Tommy Williams announced the approval by the Houston City Council of a Regional Participation Agreement (RPA) between The Woodlands (Town Center Improvement District - TCID) and the City of Houston.

"I want to thank Mayor Bill White and every member of the Houston City Council for their unanimous vote in support of the Regional Participation Agreement," Senator Williams said. "The last piece of the puzzle is voter approval of TCID propositions 1, 2 and 3 on November 6. Voters in The Woodlands will decide the future of our community."

The agreement represents a historic shift in how communities in the region work together, and will provide for a regional approach to infrastructure projects, while at the same time protect The Woodlands from the threat of annexation.

The Regional Participation Agreement (RPA) does two main things. It removes the threat of unilateral annexation by Houston thus allowing The Woodlands to determine its own future and form of self-government. It also provides a framework for participation in regional projects mutually beneficial to both communities, and provides a funding mechanism to cover costs.

Voters in all of The Woodlands now must pass the TCID Propositions in order for the RPA to be implemented. Citizens are being asked to confirm votes which have already been taken by the TCID Board of Directors.

Proposition #1 would confirm expanding the boundaries of TCID to make it a Woodlands-wide district. The expansion of the boundary is necessary to protect all of the territory within The Woodlands from the threat of annexation.

Proposition #2 would confirm changing the TCID board to a fully elected and accountable seven-member board to be known as The Woodlands Township. Passage of both propositions is necessary to fully adopt the Regional Participation Agreements with Houston and Conroe. Propositions 1 and 2 are co-dependent by law. They both have to pass for them to take effect. If either one fails, they both fail.

When combined with Propositions 1 and 2, Proposition 3 will allow for replacing homeowner association dues and assessments with a Woodlands-wide homeowner property tax which will cost less than current association assessments, and will be deductible from federal income taxes as well.