Senator Tommy Williams
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Austin, Texas 78711
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October 13, 2005
Contact: Beaumont District Office 409-896-2350

Joins Officials from Jefferson and Orange Counties and Cities

BEAUMONT - State Senator Tommy Williams joined with city and county officials from Jefferson and Orange Counties and asked the state to request FEMA grant an immediate 90-day extension to cover the costs of debris removal and emergency protective and safety measures.

"Because this storm left such extensive debris and caused major power problems throughout Southeast Texas, the time period granted for 100% recovery costs of debris removal and other safety measures needs to be expanded," said Williams. "Many areas are still without potable water, power and other basic services, and the health and safety of our citizens must be protected."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided Texas counties and communities affected by the storm 34 days of complete cost recovery for debris removal and other protective measures. Potable water is still not available in most areas and less than fifty percent of the communities are without power.

Senator Williams represents Senate District 4 covering all or portions of Orange, Jefferson, Chambers, Liberty, Harris and Montgomery Counties.