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West Dallas Neighborhood Development Corporation (WDNDC) Special Projects Manager, Stan Solamillo conducted the research and produced the script and slides for this presentation. It was narrated by Shallie Bey, Executive Director of the organization, at a Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources Meeting that was held on November 28, 2000 in West Dallas.

WDNDC wishes to thank Senator Royce West, Senator J.E. Buster Brown, Chairman, and Senator Tom Haywood, member of the Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources for visiting West Dallas. Special thanks are also due Jennifer Wickman from Senator West’s office and the Senate Media staff.

WDNDC greatly appreciates the assistance that was provided by the following individuals during the production of this presentation: Tony Martie, TM Photodesign; Carol Roark, Amie Treuer and Gretchen Boettcher, Archives and History, Dallas Public Library; Mallory S. May, PH.D., PSM International, Inc.; and Les Cole, Entact, Inc.

WDNDC especially thanks the following members of Senator Royce West’s West Dallas Environmental Advisory Committee for their involvement and testimony as well as all West Dallas residents, past and present, who attend- ed and participated in this hearing: Mattie Nash, Tillie Baylor, Rev. R.T. Conley, B.J. Moore, Otis Fagan, Tyson Garner, Shallie Bey, Rosa Lopez, Dorothy McCrary, Patricia Stevens, Ruby Ross, Henry Martinez, Rev. Roland Johnson, John Ward, John Capello, Barbara Thompson, Victoria Taft, Anna Alvers, Jackie Wilson, Carolyn Creigh- ton, Betty Brown, Faye Gilder James, Dr. Mallory May, Leonard Long, and Ophelia Garner.

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