From the Office of State Senator Royce West - District 23

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CONTACT: Kelvin Bass
Thursday, September 28, 2006

Governor for a Day an invitation to state government

DALLAS -- On Saturday, November 18, 2006, State Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) will be honored in an Inaugural Ceremony where he will be sworn in as Texas Governor as part of Governor for a Day activities held at or near the State Capitol. In April this year, Senator West was elected by his colleagues as President Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate. The tradition of Governor for a Day celebrations date back to the 1940s and is just one of the unique aspects of Texas history. It's an honor made possible by citizens who take part in democratic government.

"This honor is one of service and I've often said that the only star in my office is the constituent," said Senator West. "I would not be in this position were it not for the voters of Dallas County who sent me to Austin 13 years ago. I am but one of 31 state senators, 181 legislators, 19 of which serve Dallas County, who make up this body that represents the people. My wish as part of this celebration, is that those who are not involved, should take this as your opportunity to become active in state government. I hope to see faces old and new in Austin."

Public events for Governor for a Day activities start with a Saturday morning parade on Congress Avenue in front of the State Capitol. The parade features Dallas area high schools and bands from Texas' colleges and universities. The Inaugural Ceremony takes place in the Senate Chamber at noon. Lunch will be served on the Capitol lawn with live R&B, jazz and Tejano music. Tours of the Texas Capitol and Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum are also part of the day's events. Governor for a Day activities conclude with the Governor's Gala at the Hilton Austin Hotel. Tables may be purchased for this event. Senator West says the Governor for a Day observance and interim legislative duties help move his focus toward the 80th Legislative Session.

"Again, all of this has come about through my involvement on behalf of the citizens of Texas," said Senator West."Committee hearings are taking place and before the legislature convenes in January, Texans and all Americans have the greatest of opportunities to participate in the democratic process through the electoral process. As a member of an elected lawmaking body, to serve as President of the Senate represents an exciting juncture in time for me."

In October, Senator West was chosen as Chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. In addition, Senator West remains Vice-Chair of Senate Education, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Education Reform and Public School Finance, the Senate Jurisprudence Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

For more information, please contact Kelvin Bass or LaJuana Barton at 214-467-0123 in Dallas or Susie Ramirez or David Quin at 512-463-0123 in Austin.