Press Release
From the Office of State Senator Glenn Hegar, District 18

For Immediate Release
March 20, 2007
Contact: Lisa Craven
(512) 463-0118

Hegar joins colleagues in asking Inspector General to investigate Accenture contract

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- State Senator Glenn Hegar (R, Katy) has joined with twenty-nine of his Senate colleagues in requesting that the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services Commission investigate the recently terminated contract between the Health and Human Services Commission and Accenture.

Until last week, Accenture had a contract valued at more than $800 million dollars to provide call center services to the state's Health and Human Services Commission. The Accenture contract was a part of the state's cost cutting reorganization of health and human services delivery system and was designed to save the state hundreds of millions of dollars by privatizing call center services and eligibility screenings. The State of Texas has already spent approximately $186 million on the Accenture contract without realizing any savings.

Senator Hegar and his colleagues are calling on the Inspector General to conduct an integrity review, and if warranted, a full investigation of both the Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) and the HHSC contract for Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Services (IIES).

Hegar said that he and his fellow Senators have further called upon the Inspector General to issue a report resulting from his review and investigation to include findings concerning public monies spent to date on TIERS and IEES and to investigate if those monies have been expended in a cost-effective manner.

"While I am pleased that the Accenture contract has been cancelled, the taxpayers of this state deserve to know whether or not their hard-earned tax dollars were spent efficiently and lawfully," Senator Hegar said. "It is important that we understand exactly what went wrong with the Accenture contract and determine if tax dollars were improperly spent. It is my hope that the Inspector General will conduct this review as expeditiously as possible and report his findings back to the Texas Senate," Hegar added.

Senator Hegar said that he also plans to ask the State Auditor's Office to conduct an additional review of the Accenture contract and the company's failure to achieve the anticipated cost savings for the state.