Press Release
From the Office of State Senator Rodney Ellis

For Immediate Release
November 11, 2008
Contact: Tina Tran, 713-236-0306

Senator Ellis Files Legislation to Help Veterans

In honor of the veterans who serve in the United States armed forces, Senator Ellis filed two pieces of priority legislation to give assistance to veterans and their families.

SB 113 makes education more accessible and affordable to veterans who don't meet residency requirements, as well as their spouses and dependents, by allowing them to pay in-state tuition and fees at state higher education institutions as long as the person receiving the benefit lives in the state during the semester and is enrolled in a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved community service program. SB 112 aims to address mental health issues by establishing diversion programs for veterans and military personnel whose criminal offenses were affected by a combat-related brain injury or mental illness, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

"In my on-going commitment to honor our men and women serving in the military, I will continue to fight for policies that will assist them when they return home," said Senator Ellis.