From the Office of State Senator Rodney Ellis

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Contact: Kenneth Besserman, 512-463-0113

Statement from Senator Rodney Ellis on a statewide smoking ban

"I want to congratulate the Houston City Council on its decision to pass a comprehensive smoking ban to further protect the state's largest city from the proven deadly dangers of second-hand smoke."

"The Council's hard work will be a tremendous help in my fight to pass a statewide smoking ban in the upcoming 80th Legislative session. Twenty states in our nation, including Florida, New York, California and Louisiana, have decided to protect the health of their citizens by passing a statewide smoking ban. Most of these states have relied on ordinances in their major cities to build support and momentum."

"I will be aggressive with this legislation and I expect it will have strong bi-partisan support."

"Working together, we can ensure that all Houstonians and Texans are protected from the dangers of second hand smoke."