From the Office of State Senator Rodney Ellis

For Immediate Release
Monday, June 18, 2001
Contact: Jeremy Warren, (512) 463-0113

Senator Ellis' 77th Legislative Session a Major Success

Leadership on budget, criminal justice reforms top list of Ellis accomplishments

(Austin)// Senate Finance Chairman Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) today called the 77th legislative session a tremendous success, with key accomplishments in health and human services, state employee pay, education, and criminal justice.

During the 77th Legislative Session, Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) passed 50 bills -- including the 2002-03 budget -- to strengthen Texas colleges and public schools, create a stronger, more compassionate Texas criminal justice system, expand access to quality, affordable health care, and build a stronger foundation for Texas' future. Under Senator Ellis' leadership, the Senate Finance Committee crafted a $113.8 billion budget that meets the needs of a growing Texas, invests in key priorities such as teacher and school employee health insurance, health and human services, state employee pay and college scholarships, without raising taxes.

Foundation for Texas' Future

2002-2003 Texas Budget (SB 1 by Ellis)

Investing in Texas Schools

Texas Excellence Fund (HB 1839 by Junell/Sp. Ellis)

TEXAS Grants and Teach for Texas Improvements (SB 1057 by Ellis)

Public and Higher Education Funding (SB 1 by Ellis)

The budget also recommended:

Tuition Revenue Bonds for Higher Education Facilities (HB 658 by Junell/Sp. Ellis)

Technology Training and Education (SB 353 by Ellis & HB 1475 by Kitchen/Sp. Ellis)

Healthier Texas Families

Repairing Texas' Criminal Justice System

Hate Crimes (HB 587 by Thompson/Sp. Ellis)

Texas Fair Defense Act (SB 7 by Ellis)

Compensation for Persons Wrongfully Convicted (SB 536 by Ellis)

Post Conviction DNA Testing (SB 3 by Duncan/Ellis)

Execution of the Mentally Retarded (HB 236 by Hinojosa/Sp. Ellis)

Crime Doesn't Pay (SB 795 by Ellis)

Protecting Texas Consumers

Life Insurance Discrimination Study (HB 2415 by Giddings/Sp. Ellis)

Remove Limitations on Insurance Discrimination Investigation (HB 3254 by Giddings/Sp. Ellis)

Protections Against Sweepstakes Scams (HB 2530 by Junell/Sp. Ellis)

Reforming Texas Elections

Streamline Motor Voter Registration (HB 2691 by Madden/Sp. Ellis)

Investing in Ballot System Modernization (HB 2336 by Danburg/Sp. Ellis)

Wiring Texas for the 21st Century

Establishment of the Southeast Texas Biotechnology Park (HB 3309 by Hochberg/Sp. Ellis)

Creation of the Greater Southeast Management District (HB 3692 by Coleman/Sp. Ellis)

Funding for Construction and Repair of State Property (HJR 97/HB 3064 by Junell/Sp. Ellis)