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Interim Charges

The Committee shall:

  1. Actively monitor the Texas Department of Transportation's update of the Texas Transportation Plan. The Committee shall assess the plan in terms of how it addresses relevant issues such as transportation funding, traffic congestion, multimodal transportation, rural transportation planning, NAFTA-related traffic, and establishment of acceptable levels of service for mobility.
    The Committee may make recommendations to improve upon planning procedures used by the Texas Department of Transportation as well as statutory changes necessary to facilitate implementation of the Texas Transportation Plan. The Committee may also recommend solutions to the state's transportation funding shortfall.
  2. Monitor developments at the federal level relating to the re-authorization of TEA-21and the creation of new innovative transportation financing techniques.
  3. Evaluate developments related to the commercial trucking industry. This study should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: an evaluation of the state's ongoing efforts to enforce truck safety regulations efficiently and fairly; developments at the state and federal levels related to opening our highways to Mexican truck traffic; and the effect of heavy truck traffic on our state and local roadways.
  4. Examine the need and feasibility for establishing a state agency or commission for Native American affairs. The Committee should determine whether certain issues facing the Native American community are being adequately addressed by existing state agencies. The issues to be examined should include diabetes susceptibility, alcohol abuse prevention, educational opportunities, water rights, land ownership, burial ground disturbance, historical representation, and tax administration.
  5. The Committee shall review the recently proposed Texas Department of Transportation Access Management Rules and the associated Draft Access Management Manual dated May 30, 2002. In the course of the review, the Committee should examine the public input procedures followed by the Transportation Commission and assess, if possible, the overall effect the proposed policy changes will have on the constituents of the Texas Senate.


The Committee shall submit copies of its final report as soon as possible, but no later than November 15, 2002. This date will allow the findings of the Committee to be considered when the Legislative Budget Board is developing performance and budget recommendations to the 78th Legislature. Copies of the final report should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the Senate, Legislative Council, and Legislative Reference Library.

The final report of the Committee should be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Committee and include any recommended statutory changes. Draft legislation containing recommended statutory changes should be attached to the report. Recommended agency rule changes should also be attached to the report.

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Budget and Staff

The Committee shall use its existing staff and utilize the budget approved by the Senate Committee on Administration. Where appropriate, the Committee should obtain assistance from the Senate Research Center and legislative agencies, including the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Council, and the State Auditor. The Committee should also seek the assistance of appropriate Executive Branch agencies with responsibilities in the areas related to the Committee's interim charges.

Interim Appointments

Pursuant to Section 301.041, Government Code, it may be necessary to change the membership of a committee if a member is not returning to the Legislature in 2003. This will ensure that the work of interim committees is carried forward into the 78th Legislative Session.

Committee Archives

76th Legislature's Senate State Affairs Committee.

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